The Digital Banking Club Webinar - Personal Financial Management (PFM): a key weapon in banking loyalty wars?

Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Digital Banking Club held a Webinar on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 2:00pm BST on Personal Financial Management (PFM): a key weapon in banking loyalty wars.

Thank you to all who attended! 

Panel included:

  • HOST Douglas Blakey, Group Editor of the Consumer Finance Titles, Timetric
  • Anne Boden, CEO, SocialFinTech, formerly COO, AIB
  • David Dymond, Senior Manager of Digital Strategy, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Gavin Littlejohn, Founder and CEO, Money Dashboard
  • Simon Cadbury, Head of Strategy & Innovation, Intelligent Environments 

Points of discussion were:

  • Are customers better off accessing Personal Finance Management (PFM) tools via their online bank than a 3rd party account aggregator?
  • Can PFM tools be utilised as the next key sales channel?
  • How can financial service providers optimise PFM tools as a key weapon in promoting customer loyalty and customer centricity?
  • How can banks ramp up customer take-up of PFM services?
  • What are the essential elements financial services providers can deploy for PFM to reach its full potential: great user experience, interactive design, what else?


Webinar slides and summary now available!


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