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What role for humans in the future of collections?

As artificial intelligence (AI) matures and becomes more commonplace, panellists at Digital Banking Club for Collections Live Debate considered how roles in collections will change as the technology matures.

Will the GAFAs be our next banks?

The first Digital Banking Club of 2018, sponsored by Intelligent Environments, discussed whether or not the GAFAs will become banks. Hosted at the formidable Law Society in London, the debate featured an illustrious panel to debate this very topical subject.

Why digital banking is no longer an option

Start working on your digital banking strategy. Wait any longer, and you may find your competitors have already taken the biggest pieces of the pie.

Google Bank: a digital banking solution like no other

Open Banking is a significant opportunity for big tech companies to build a transformative digital banking solution.

Meet Codee: our collections chatbot

Collection companies that take advantage of new technologies such as chatbots are likelier to increase collection rates and halve collection costs.

PSD2: Are you ready for Open Banking?

The Open Banking requirement to provide access to customer data opens up a wealth of new possibilities. A properly engineered digital banking platform is essential for taking advantage of these opportunities.

How to get started in Open Banking

At its heart, Open Banking is about the customer, and delivering a service that suits them.

Is your banking platform ready for the next generation?

Gen Zers are reaching 18. Discover why you need to win them over with seamless multi-channel banking.

The pitfalls of adopting a low-code development platform – Part 1: There are pitfalls?

Technology industries have always loved their buzzwords, and in particular those that aim to describe the seemingly next big innovation. 

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