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Banks and regulators should keep a (smart) watch on wearable tech

The mobile nature and convenience of smartphones and tablets has seen a sharp rise in their use for digital banking.


With digital banking popularity already at an all-time high and 75% of Britons preferring to use web browsers or mobile banking over visiting a local branch, it’s the perfect time to optimise banking services for social media.

Young people, the future of digital banking?

Children as young as 11 years old can open a digital bank account in the UK. However, for financial institutions to engage this youth market, as Kiboo and Robot Corp are seeking to do, we need to understand the perceptions young people have of digital banking.

A beginners guide to digital banking: Entering the labyrinth

I need some string. As I go to take my first tentative steps into the world of digital banking, I realise that, like Theseus about to enter the labyrinth, I need something to secure me to my comfort zone and help guide me.

Smartphone cheque deposit – an overdue step in digital banking

Our latest research found that three-quarters of Brits want to deposit cheques using their smartphones. So what’s stopping UK banks introducing it for their customers?

Password no more?

Frustration with forgotten passwords is one thing, however the question of security is another thing altogether.

Customer Loyalty and the 80:20 rule

What is most important to realise, what is almost hiding in plain sight is that the 80% of yesterday will become the 20% of tomorrow. If we let it, the change will be upon us in a few short years and it will be too late to react.

As easy to use as Amazon?

Customers expect their digital banking experience to be as easy and straightforward as their other online experiences, from shopping, to paying bills.

Synchronisation – digital banking’s future

For me, the most significant aspect of multiple platform banking is that all mediums are synchronised so they have the same look and feel. With banking via web browsers and mobile banking via apps all playing increasing roles, organisations need to streamline their current channels to provide a complete digital offering for their customers.

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