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The Trojan Wars

Since the dawn of digital banking there has been malware; applications designed to defraud both the banks and their customers. These threats have steadily increased in an arms race between hackers and information security experts…

Could digital banking be the saviour of the branch?

Bank branches are becoming less and less important aren’t they? We have seen a continuous flow of news articles proclaiming the end of the branch since the late 1990s when we were all thinking that this new phenomenon, the internet, would in only a few years, make face to face transactions a thing of the past…

Tickets Please!

Rail travel has changed in many ways over the past 25 years. The trains have got cleaner, the stations smarter, and the journey times shorter (well, sort of!) but one thing has not really evolved… the ticket.

Consumer Motor Finance Dinner

Intelligent Environments, in partnership with Timetric Financial Services, held the second in a series of dinner events discussing the state of digital strategy in the UK asset finance industry.

Tempted to go for the switch in smartphone banking apps

I want more from my smartphone banking app than simply checking my funds. I want to be able to set up new payments, transfer money to other accounts, and do all the things I can with online banking.

Google Glass: your wearable bank

The ground-breaking wearable technology, Google Glass, a computer integrated into a pair of spectacles, promises to re-define our relationship with the digital world.

Get ready for the banking mobility revolution

With the majority of online banking still being done on desktop PCs and laptops, are banks really making the most of mobile?

Cybercrime goes mobile

Cybercrime is on the increase. Figures show that in 2007, £3m was stolen from UK bank branches directly. However, Dr Ross Anderson from Cambridge University reported in his 2012 paper, ‘Measuring the cost of cybercrime’, that online card fraud led to over £135m being stolen from UK banks in 2010. In fact, over 40 times more is taken from banks online than in high-street thefts, and consequently UK banks are spending about £450m per year protecting consumers from online fraud, writes Clayton Locke.

It is not what you do it is the way that you do it

Accenture released some research recently, suggesting that the rise of digital channels may be contributing to ‘an increasingly arm’s length relationship between institutions and their customers’…

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