auto finance - screen with pay now

Bringing the connected car to life

We’re already seeing elements of the connected car come to life. But this exciting development has much, much more to offer – not just to drivers but for car finance providers. Let’s take a closer look.

data security - iris scan

Why banks should listen to consumer demand for biometrics

The topic of data security and fraud in the banking industry has sparked much conversation over the last couple of years. In part thanks to a rising number of very public cyber-attacks on big consumer brands such as Yahoo! and TalkTalk, consumers are increasingly aware of the need for sophisticated personal protection when it comes to keeping their data safe.

digital banking - various phone apps

Don’t Make Me Sweat

Today’s digital consumers don’t have patience for long processes. If an annoying obstacle crops up most are likely to put their device down or even worse Google a competitor that will provide a slicker customer experience. How can you make your product take the heat on behalf of your customers?