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Over 60 major brands across multiple industries benefit from our innovative and secure mobile and online software solutions. We work with our partners to develop a mutually beneficial ecosystem that helps us, together, deliver value to our customers.

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Mobile credit card application technology Bank of Ireland UK was formed out of acquisitions of BankAmerica Finance (1987) and The Bristol and West Building Society (1996), as well as deals with the UK Post Office (2004) and AA Financial Services (2014). Bank of Ireland has recently undertaken a large digital transformation project, appointing Intelligent Environments as their strategic partner. BoI are particularly focused on turning Post Office Money into a strong challenger bank, underpinned by a true omni-channel experience that leverages the best of digital as well as the Post Office’s unrivalled network of over 11,500 branches across the UK (more than all the high street banks combined). The first stage of the project was recently completed, with the successful delivery of digital credit cards solutions for the Post Office Money and The AA brands. “We have developed a strong and positive relationship with Intelligent Environments. Having Interact® at the heart of our mobile banking apps will enable us to provide our Post Office and AA credit card customers with a market leading digital experience.” – Alastair Watts, Head of Acquisition & Proposition Development, Bank of Ireland, UK
Multi-award winning online investments and pensions portal The Generali Group is a global name in the insurance and financial products market. Founded in Italy in 1831, the brand is now firmly established as a leading operator in Western Europe and beyond, with over 60 countries in total. Intelligent Environments created – and continue to maintain – Generali’s Online Service Centre. This online portal, provided via our own award-winning multi-currency platform, allows clients and advisers to view, edit, and manage all of their Generali Worldwide investments. We have since expanded this to incorporate apps for iPhone, Android and iPad to further enhance the Generali digital experience.
HRG logo
Online cardholder self-servicing for multiple brands Home Retail Group (HRG) is the UK’s leading home and general merchandise retailer with 1.4m active store cardholders and 48,000 employees across the business. Intelligent Environments provides online card self-servicing facilities for store card programmes for Argos. Hosted within a dedicated managed hosting environment, this solution also supports x-sales and e-marketing, alongside a content management capability, enabling customers to sign in to a secure digital financial services environment and view statement transactions, while also receiving customer offers.
Real-time card application and online servicing As one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations, HSBC looks after the needs of over 60 million customers, in 80 countries, and every major economy in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa. Intelligent Environments provides real-time card application and online servicing platforms for HSBC’s white label brands.
Digital payments and marketing portal for retail brands Ikano is an international financial services company and part of home-furnishing company IKEA, founded in 1943. It is now one of the UK’s leading companies for retail, providing products and services to customers of brands including IKEA and New Look Fashion. In addition to several million customers in the UK, Ikano Group also operates across Europe and Asia, with a head office in Luxembourg. Intelligent Environments provides the digital marketing and financial services platform in the UK. The move enables Ikano to provide customer-led payments solutions to some of the country’s biggest retailers through a market leading online platform. Through integrating Intelligent Environments’ solution with its back office systems, Ikano is now able to provide customers of leading brands such as New Look and IKEA with a full summary of their store card accounts. Via the new platform, New Look and IKEA store card holders can derive immediate benefits such as being able to view their transactions 24/7, update their personal details, and make payments online through the Paypoint payment portal at their convenience. Notifications can be sent directly to store card account holders, reminding them of a monthly finance payment and providing them with a link to the relevant payment page. These services help consumers to manage their finances more effectively and conveniently, at the moment of need. The solution also goes far deeper than a digital money dashboard and provides significant business value to Ikano and its clients. “We chose to work with Intelligent Environments because we see the company as a leading provider of digital financial services software, with unparalleled expertise in the UK market. Not only has Intelligent Environments proven itself to be easy to work with, but also an outstanding consultant throughout the duration of the project, with the results now enabling us to add significant value to our customer offering.” – Bromyn Brady, Head of Contact Centre, Ikano
Online account application and self-servicing Lloyds Banking Group is a name instantly recognisable on the high street as a major player in the world of retail and commercial financial services. Its heritage is made up of Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, and Scottish Widows, amongst other brands. Intelligent Environments’ content and brand editing tool enables staff to update websites easily and efficiently, while our online loan applications self-service platform is the primary acquisition channel for unsecured loans for Sainsbury’s Bank. Intelligent Environments also provide online servicing for Lloyds Commercial Cards. This includes Programme Administrator tools to give close control over what the cardholder in the scheme can purchase, bulk onboarding, and card personalisation, to name a few distinguishing features.

First step in a digital transformation programme

MotoNovo Finance, part of the FirstRand banking group, is a provider of a range of financial services through motor dealers across the UK, specialising in Motor Finance. In the first step in their Digital Transformation Programme, MotoNovo Finance are implementing a new customer engagement portal to be powered by Intelligent Environments’ fully integrated mobile and online platform, Interact.

Sitting at the heart of MotoNovo’s new customer portal, Interact will enable MotoNovo customers to benefit from features such as viewing their balance and repayments, managing their Direct Debit mandate, and requesting settlement quotes digitally.

“We are delighted to partner with Intelligent Environments on this key initiative of our Digital Transformation Programme. We selected Intelligent Environments due to their expertise and leadership in digital engagement in this market.” – Chris Rowthorn, Chief Operating Officer, MotoNovo Finance.

Have a read of the customer success story: A First For Vehicle Finance.


Award winning digital financial services platform thinkmoney offers its customers an innovative personal account designed to help them manage their money better using Interact from Intelligent Environments. Interact enables secure financial applications, engagement, transactions and servicing across all mobile and online channels. The platform sits at the centre of thinkmoney’s digital operations, helping them to ensure ever higher levels of customer engagement. Since 2012 the thinkmoney Personal Account has been granted a 4 Star Mark by the Fairbanking Foundation, due in part to its creative online solution. “We have built a strong partnership with Intelligent Environments over the past few years.  Working with Intelligent Environments, we believe that we will be able to deliver a digital financial services platform that meets our customers’ expectations not only today, but also in the future.” – Michael Aldred, Director, thinkmoney.
Multi-channel ‘My Finance’ platform There is a huge demand for people to be able to access and organise their financial arrangements whenever they need and wherever they happen to be. It’s a priority that Toyota Financial Services has responded to with the launch of My Finance, a new service that gives customers round-the-clock access to view and manage their Toyota finance agreement from their computer, tablet or smartphone. The My Finance service is available via My Toyota, the “self-service” online portal that gives customers a convenient and secure way of managing their vehicle ownership. In a first for the motor industry, My Finance allows them to view their finance agreement, obtain a settlement figure, make payments, change their personal and bank details and request changes to their payment date. They can also communicate securely online regarding their agreement. It is available to private customers who have either a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Hire Purchase (HP) agreement with Toyota Financial Services. To ensure the best possible functionality, security and customer experience, Toyota has developed the product with specialists at Intelligent Environments. “People demand easy access to their financial affairs at any time, but they also need to be sure they are using systems that are robust and secure, as well as convenient. By working with Intelligent Environments we have been able to produce a service that our customers can call up on their phone, tablet or desktop with ease, but safe in the knowledge their data and finances are protected from others at all times. The introduction of My Finance reflects our commitment to responding to customer demand and developing My Toyota as a comprehensive one-stop service that can be used to manage many different aspects of vehicle ownership.” – Doug Gillies, Managing Director, Toyota Financial Services.
Cardholder self-servicing through First Data Vanquis Bank is part of Provident Financial, a leading financial provider in the UK, founded in 1880 to help local families buy supplies they needed from local shops using a voucher system, which was paid back in small, affordable installments. The company has since grown to include HOME credit group in the 1990s, and then Vanquis Bank in 2002, and is now a FTSE 250 company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Intelligent Environments, through our partnership with First Data, provides and maintains online cardholder self-servicing for Vanquis Bank customers.

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Lifting vehicle finance sales

Interact Acquire
The problem A vehicle finance company is facing a tough competitive market, with many competitors offering finance deals on new and nearly new cars. The dealerships hold the access since the sale of finance is left in their hands after the customer has walked into the showroom. What’s more, the financier has to be careful not to vex the dealer otherwise they might find themselves overlooked in future deals. How we could help Interact Acquire could help the auto finance company both secure a soft credit score and provide customers with an indicative quote for a specific amount while, at the same time, capturing customers’ application details – accelerating fulfilment in the showroom. The result Customers would be more likely to visit the showroom with finance already applied for, knowing that they can afford the car of their dreams. The showroom dealer could then be steered towards closing the deal with the financier selected by the customer without feeling that they have lost control of the deal – resulting in a significant uplift in product sales for the financial provider.

Creating a banking app for a mutual

Interact Connect
The problem A mutual needs a simple way to change the contact details on its app. It doesn’t want its customers to have to download a new version every time it makes a minor amendment. How we could help Interact Connect could empower the mutual to amend its CMS, eliminating the need for customers to download a new version of the app. The result The mutual would have full control over the content in its app. Customers would not be inconvenienced by having to download a new version every time the app required a minor amendment and they would be confident the information at their disposal was always up to date.

Improving banking customer service

Interact Collect
The problem A large bank is looking to offer its customers a more effective way to manage their debt in order to improve customer satisfaction with their debt management service. How we could help Interact offers a fully digital collections solution that customers can use to manage their debt without the need to go through a contact centre or send communications through the post. Using the digital portal, they are able to log on at their convenience, go through a full income and expenditure analysis, create their own direct debits and manage their debt plans via the portal. The result As they are no longer receiving phone calls or post and are able to manage their own debt, the bank has seen customer satisfaction with its debt management services rise.

Accelerating the account application process

Interact Acquire
The problem To accelerate the Id&V referral process, a building society needs to remove paper-based processes from its digital channel. However, whenever the instant Id&V can’t identify a new member during the digital application process, the prospective customer would have to mail physical copies of their identification documents, such as photocopies of passport or proof of address, to the building society. How we could help Interact Acquire could eliminate paper documents from the application process. It could allow new members to use a smartphone, tablet or webcam to photograph their documents and then simply upload them with the application form into the building society’s workflow. The result Significant time would be cut from the referral process. Prospects could be given a decision in hours rather than days, greatly increasing application completion rates for the building society.

Keeping track of company credit card receipts

Interact Connect
The problem Between departure and return, a company’s business travellers accumulate a multitude of paper receipts. These need to be filed away and then submitted as expenses to finance department within a given timeframe. These processes take up valuable employee time, impacting productivity. How we could help Interact Connect could enable business cardholders to capture and store their receipts using the camera on their mobile device. They could then simply download the electronic receipts to print them or send them straight to the finance department for integration with accounting software packages, such as Sage or QuickBooks. The result More expenses claims are filed – quickly and correctly, reducing the burden on employees’ time and helping the finance department to record claims and document receipts efficiently.

Fully integrated online banking for a high street bank

Interact Acquire
The problem A large retail bank is looking to transfer a large number of customers to its digital offerings, which includes online and mobile banking. How we could help Interact Acquire could provide a fully integrated financial services platform that the bank’s customers could use on their preferred device, whether in their homes or on the move. The result With a large section of the bank’s existing customer base seeking convenient, time-saving digital solutions, the integrated services platform saves the bank both time and money.

Driving up retail finance loan applications

Interact Acquire
The problem A retailer is looking to acquire new customers and, for large purchases, customers often require a loan. With paper-based applications taking up too much time at check-out, customers are failing to complete the application process, intimidated by queues of other customers waiting to pay growing behind them. How we could help Interact Acquire could allow retail customers to apply for a loan using a handheld device. The application could be completed whilst the customer is shopping or standing in the queue. The result The simplified application process would improve the overall customer experience, driving up applications completions.

Maintaining vehicle finance customer relationships

Interact Connect
The problem A vehicle finance company is struggling to retain good relationships with its customers after the initial finance sale, due to limited touch-points during the credit arrangement. By only touching the customers during the costly settlement quotations, when the time comes for a customer to trade in their car for a newer model, the financier would find itself back at square one, needing to attract the customer as a new business opportunity. How we could help Interact Connect could enable the vehicle finance company to offer its customers self-servicing capabilities, including the ability to request and receive settlement quotes, view and download electronic annual statements and manage their account details. With self-service sites matching the financier’s brand, and enabling the financier to send targeted offers, including trade-in quotations and balloon repayments. The result The finance company remains in contact with the customer throughout the term of the loan, encouraging them to turn to it when the time came to trade in the old car for a newer model. Statistically this would put the financier at the top of the chain for quotations, improving customer loyalty. The financier wouldn’t have to fight to be selected again as part of a wider finance comparison purchase choice.

Control business credit card payments

Interact Acquire
The problem To minimise expenditure, a small business needs to gain control over how employees use its business credit cards. How we could help Interact Acquire business card services integrate with card scheme and back office providers. They could provide the small business with bespoke spending rules to meet its specific needs. Controls could be set by time of day or day of week, location, merchant type, currency amount or transaction type. The result The business would have the flexibility to choose how it controls employee use of its business credit card for expenses. The solution would provide visibility of where, when and how its cards are used, helping it to eliminate unauthorised expenditure.

Enabling independent debt management

Interact Collect
The problem A debt collections agency is looking to implement time and cost savings measures across the operational aspects of its business. How we could help The current, more traditional debt collections process comes with high working costs. However, using Interact®’s self-service digital collections portal, customers are able to manage their debt independently: go through a full income and expenditure analysis, set up their own repayment plans, direct debits and create personalised debt plans. The result The collections agency saves on their operational costs – customers can now manage their debt at their own convenience, reducing the number and frequency of calls made to the agency’s support staff.

Simplifying online card program management

Interact Connect
The problem A company is looking to minimise the time and cost of the expense management processes. How we could help Interact’s card administration portal could provide an automated online helping hand to simplify expenses management and make it more efficient. From online application processing to real-time maintenance requests, the tool could meet all the company’s needs. When the company’s cardholders are on the go, our mobile app could allow them to view account activity, set up alerts or even make payments or manage their travel. The result The time and cost of managing the company’s commercial card programme would be significantly reduced. It would also ensure the company’s card programme supports mobile cardholders.

Understanding retail banking customers

Interact Connect
The problem With very few communications once a store loan has been approved, a large retailer is struggling to maintain strong customer relationships past the point of sale. Communications are no more than paper-based statements and other impersonal activities. When a customer wants to purchase another finance product the retailer doesn’t have their preferences or shopping habits to hand. How we could help Interact Connect could offer the retailer’s customers self-servicing tools that would allow them to download electronic annual statements and manage their account details – all without having to call a contact centre. By matching the retailer’s brand, the self-service portal would ensure the customer maintained awareness of the brand. The portal would also allow the financier to send the customers targeted offers, including those for balloon repayments. The result The retailer’s brand would be kept in the consciousness of the customer throughout the time they had their store loan, encouraging them to remember the store when they needed their next loan. The customer would become existing business rather than new business.

Providing a self-service digital collections portal

Interact Collect
The problem A building society needs to resolve potential debt collection issues early before mortgages got into significant arrears. However, traditional methods of resolving outstanding debt payments are costly and time consuming. How we could help Interact Collect could provide  customers with a self-service digital collections portal that could be accessed from their preferred devices. It would allow them to manage repayments, set up direct debits and create debt plans at a convenient time. The result Repayment processes would be smoother and less intrusive, with customers no longer bound by call centre hours. They could make debt repayments at their own convenience without needing to rely on call centre services. The likelihood of arrears being resolved would increase while the cost of resolving them would be reduced.

Reducing collection costs for a credit card provider

Interact Collect
The problem A credit card provider needs to improve the debt collection process for its high volume of existing customers. However, the high operational costs of traditional debt collection methods mean the current processes for resolving outstanding debt payments are ineffective. How we could help Interact Collect’s self-service digital collections portal could allow customers to manage repayments at their own convenience. They could check the status of their account, set up direct debits and create debt plans to resolve their financial difficulties more easily. Multi-lingual and supporting a multitude of currencies, the portal could support international card payments for the credit card provider’s customers. The result Engagement processes would be less intrusive. Customers would be able to assess their affordability criteria at their own discretion and, not bound by call centre hours, could make debt repayments at their own convenience. The retention and loyalty of customers who may take additional cards with the provider once out of debt would be improved.

Improving store card customer retention

Interact Collect
The problem A retailer is looking to reduce the cost of managing existing store card holders’ debt. How we could help Interact Collect could provide a self-service digital collections portal where customers could manage their repayments using the device of their choosing. Customers could check their account status, setup direct debits and create debt plans, repaying their existing debt more quickly and more easily. The result With customers able to assess their own repayment ability on any device and on a timescale that suits them, customer retention and loyalty are improved.

Exciting digital banking customers

The problem A start-up digital-only bank has neither the time nor the access to the resources it requires to create a digital proposition. At the same time, to attract tech-savvy customers it needs to deliver innovative and striking differentiating features. It needs to continually excite these customers by launching new products and features on a regular basis without incurring prohibitive build-again costs. How we could help Interact Connect is continually evolving. Ongoing investment in development and innovation ensures new features and services are added on a regular basis. We stay ahead of the game by developing world-first features such as Emoji passwords and biometric security capabilities. And with a proven speed-to-market of between three to five months, Interact Connect could be rapidly deployed, branded and made ready to go at the bank. The result The retail bank would meet the expectations of the new wave of digital banking customers and be ready to do so within a very short space of time.

Simplifying retail banking repayments

Interact Collect
The problem A large retail bank needs early resolution to debt collections issues faced by existing customers. However, current methods for chasing and collecting debt are expensive and time consuming. An alternative solution is required. How we could help Interact Collect could enable customers to manage their repayments at their convenience and through their preferred devices by providing access via a self-service digital collections portal. They could check account status, setup direct debits and create debt plans to resolve any financial difficulties more easily. The result The engagement process would be less intrusive. Customers could assess their affordability criteria at their own discretion and make their repayments on their credit agreement at their own convenience. Not bound by call centre hours, the retention and loyalty of customers who might take additional loans would be improved.

Resolving debt collection issues early for vehicle providers

Interact Collect
The problem A vehicle finance provider is looking to resolve the debt collections process for its existing customers who currently have a loan to finance their car(s). However, its current means of chasing and collecting debt early in the arrears cycle is proving to be expensive and time consuming, and is looking for an alternative. How we could help Interact Collect’s self-service digital collections portal could allow the vehicle finance company to give its customers the ability to manage their debt using their preferred device at their preferred time. Customers could manage their repayments, check account status, setup direct debits and create debt plans to resolve their financial difficulties more easily. The result The engagement process would be less intrusive. Customers could assess their affordability criteria at their own discretion and, not bound to call centre hours, make their repayments on their credit agreement at their own convenience. Retention and loyalty would be improved with customers who might take additional loans to finance new cars.