Digital Maturity Test

How digitally mature is your company? Complete the questions below and we’ll tell you


Culture and organisation

Our board have communicated a clear digital vision.

Our competitive strategy depends on digital  

We have resources dedicated to digital strategy, governance, and execution

In our company, the success of digital is a cross-functional collaboration

Every employee understands how his or her performance ties to corporate digital goals

Making the case

Our technology budget is fluid to allow for shifting priorities

Customer insight actively steers our digital strategy

Customer experience is more important than the performance of any individual channel

We use customer experience assets, like personas and journey maps, to steer our technology design

We leverage modern architectures to promote speed and flexibility

We have clear and quantifiable goals for measuring the success of our digital strategy

We take measured risks in order to innovate


We collaborate with vendor partners to enhance our digital competencies

We use digital tools to promote employee innovation, collaboration, and mobility


Our marketing and technology resources work together to co-create our digital technology road map

We have a flexible, iterative, and collaborative approach to technology development