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The Interact™ Smartwatch App

The world’s first smartwatch bank, which helps customers stay closer to their finances, launches today to mark the 30th anniversary of the online bank. The “Interact Smartwatch App” has been developed for the Pebble smartwatch by British financial services software firm, Intelligent Environments.

New iPhone set to revolutionise digital banking

David Webber, managing director of Intelligent Environments, leading financial services software provider, reveals how the addition of a fingerprint scanner in the new iPhone – to be announced today – will inspire more bank customers to access their accounts via smartphones.

UK Government urged to let consumers deposit cheques using their smartphones

Intelligent Environments urges the Treasury to change regulation and bring the cheque deposit system into the 21st century with smartphone cheque deposits.

Google Glass – the wearable bank

More than a quarter of young people are interested in using Google Glass to manage their finances.

App-solutely Fabulous

The mobile money battleground is hot. From the likes of the O2 Wallet to Barclays Pingit, major names from across the retail, telecom, and banking sectors brought new products to market in 2012. Undoubtedly there will be many more in 2013.

No ‘digital banking’ in the mind of the consumer – just improved service

BT recently released some research, surveying adults from across the UK, Spain, Hong Kong, France and Germany, to explore how these consumers view their digital banking services. The results of this survey led a few articles to conclude that the ‘vast majority of consumers’ are resistant to digital banking…

Resistant to digital banking? Consumers have never demanded it more

BT recently conducted some research among consumers from the UK, Spain, Hong Kong, France and Germany into how they see digital banking services, and the results inspired a few headlines that claimed the vast majority of consumers were ‘resistant’ to digital banking…

Social Media: The next big channel for financial services

As the use of social media continues to grow rapidly across a variety of industries, could the finance sector be next to jump on board? Tineka Smith reports…

Banks must renew focus on digital financial services to keep their customers loyal

London, UK – 12th February 2013: Consumer trust in their banks has not been shaken by negative headlines or an influx of new and non-traditional entrants to the banking sector – 60 per cent of Britons trust banks more than other institutions…

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